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Getting help — if you are having problems setting up WebCalendar

  1. First, check the installation instructions. Look for the file “WebCalendar-SysAdmin.html” in the “docs” directory where you unzipped the WebCalendar package. (You can also find an online copy of the document here.)
  2. If your question is not answered there, the next step is the WebCalendar FAQ.
  3. Next, see if your question is addressed in the WebCalendar Wiki (hosted on github).
  4. If you think you have found a bug in WebCalendar, please scan the list of open issueslisted on github.
  5. Finally, if you know you have found a WebCalendar bug that is not listed as “open” on github, you can submit a bug report. You will need a github account to do this. (Github accounts are free.)

8 thoughts on “WebCalendar Support

  1. Hi,

    I downloaded and installed WebCalendar (in German), but besides “Preferences” all other tabs are deactivated. How can i fix this? I’m running WebCalendar on a local XAMPP server environment. Plus: I cannot post entries into the calendar.

  2. Dear Sir,
    we are using webcalendar in our organization (AEAT, Spain). When we define a new Event and the name of the event contains an spanich accent (p.e. Curso Zújar) , nothing is displayed in the Event Header of the Calendar. Otherwise if the title doesn’t have any accent (p.e. Curso Zujar), the whole title is displayed.
    Thank you very much.

    1. From the “Settings” option in the top menubar, choose “Layers”. From there, use the “Add Layer…” button. This will create a popup window where you can add a new layer and choose its color.

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