NOTE: You may not need to download WebCalendar. To get started even faster, you can choose use a Docker container instead.

WebCalendar 1.2 – Production

WebCalendar 1.2 is the latest production release of WebCalendar. You can download this release from using the links below. The installation instructions can be found in the System Administrator’s Guide (found in the docs directory when you unzip/untar the WebCalendar distribution.).

Download [1.5MB] 
Download WebCalendar 1.3 development version [1.9MB]

The User’s Manual is not included in the main download due to its size (another 600+ kb). You can also download the User Manual from

Download the User Manual

To view a list of all WebCalendar releases:

WebCalendar Releases

Git / Development Code

Note that all active development for WebCalendar is towards the newer 1.3 code base, which is found in the master branch. Legacy support for 1.2 releases will be found in the devel-1.2.8 branch. A snapshot of the latest WebCalendar 1.3 code in git can be obtained at:

You can obtain the development code directly from git (“master” branch is the latest development code):

git clone

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