WebCalendar Docker

Docker Container

You can run WebCalendar inside a Docker container. Download the needed files from github:


The docker_setup.sh shell script will do the following for you:

  • Download the base CentOS 7 Linux container
  • Install and configure nginx and PHP 7.1
  • Download WebCalendar from github and make it accessible to the container
  • Configure the WebCalendar installation to use a local SQLite database
  • Note: No WebCalendar configuration or installation required other than the docker_setup.sh script

2 thoughts on “WebCalendar Docker

  1. Can’t seem to get the setup to work:
    sudo ./docker_setup.sh
    results in:
    ./docker_setup.sh: line 7: syntax error near unexpected token ‘newline’
    ./docker_setup.sh: line 7: ”
    any ideas?

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