WebCalendar 1.3.0 released

This 1.3.0 (15 Mar 2019) release of WebCalendar is the latest stable maintenance release. Changes for this release focus on bug fixes, security improvements and PHP 7.2 compatibility. Download the release from Github:

The list of changes include the following (see git log for complete list of changes):

  • Updated PHPMailer to 5.2.26 (includes security fixes)
  • Issue #133: Can’t Login to Admin account – PHP Fatal error – PHP 7.2
  • PHP7 fix: split function no longer available
  • Issue #98 – Global categories only visible for administrative users
  • Issue #62 – “dbi_update_blob” is not implemented for mysqli
  • Avoid PHP warning on ob_flush
  • Merge pull request #114: improve custom trailer output
  • Merge pull request #117: Fix Italian for “Location”
  • Merge pull request #118: Update Italian translation
  • Merge pull request #124: Fixed PHP warning
  • Merge pull request #108: Fix “WebCalendar Error: Invalid referring URL” when adding entries or entering admin menus etc.
  • Merge pull request #106: Truncate the cal_name data to 30 characters or less to avoid SQL errors on long filenames for event attachments
  • Fix for PHP warning on addslashes param being an array
  • Merge pull request #58: compressed/minified images
  • Issue #80: PHP error for non numeric values when using undefined variables
  • Issue #54 – Double quote appears around mail settings in admin.php
  • Issue #64 – Change db call to check webcal_categories.cat_owner rather than webcal_entry_category to determine if a category is global
  • Issue #76 – Javascript error in includes/js/users.php prevents access to certain tabs
  • Issue #53 – PHP compile error on access.php
  • Fix PHP warnings for undeclared array $tmp[]
  • Updated unit tests for phpunit-8.0 compatibility


To upgrade your current installation, see the UPGRADING.html page included with the release. You can also view this file online here.

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