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k5njournal App


  • Short-term (3 months)
    • Import iCalendar file
    • Export:
    • Keyword searching (in 0.2.5)
    • Improved UI for categories (checkbox or list selection rather than text entry of comma-separeted names)
    • Category filter (similar to current date-based filter)
  • Long-term (9-12 months)
    • Encrypt or password-protect entries
    • Allow subscriptions to remote iCalendar files (which would include VJOURNAL entries).
    • Allow publishing of entries as iCalendar files to WebDAV servers.
    • Support rich text: most likely HTML but need to investigate if any other apps/tools would support HTML in iCalendar format.
    • Support attachments to entries (images, etc.)
    • Full RFC 2445 compliance
  • Way down the road... (12+ months)
    • Support publishing to various blog APIs so that this tool can also be used as a blogging client


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