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k5n Java Calendar Tools


  • Currently implemented:
    • Parse iCalendar VEVENT files into objects
    • Export VEVENT objects into iCalendar data
    • Provide JUnit tests to validate parsing/importing and exporting
    • Provide API to query loaded iCalendar objects
    • Add support for VTODO and VJOURNAL
    • Add support for VTIMEZONE (and all the various timezones)
    • Provide parsing of Outlook CSV files so we can create a csv2ical utility (which there is a need for)
    • Add support for VATTACH, allowing inline attachments which are saved either within the iCalendar data or include a URL to an external file.
  • Short-term plans (3-6 months)
    • ???
  • Long-term plans (6-18 months)
    • Support for xCal-Basic
    • Support for iTIP (RFC 2446)
    • Support for iMIP (RFC 2447)
    • Support for CAP (RFC 3283)
    • More coming soon...


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