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GTimer FAQ

What versions of GTK+ will GTimer compile with?

GTimer should compile with the latest versions of GTK+ 2.X. It may also compile with older versions, but it's always recommended you get the latest version.

Can I get a pre-compiled binary?

I don't provide binaries but you can check with other sites (such as freshmeat.net) for binaries (but beware: they may be an older version of GTimer).

Can I get rid of the splash screen?

Use the -nosplash option to not display the splash screen.

Can I adjust the idle time?

There is no UI for this yet, but you can carefully edit the ~/.gtimer/.gtimerrc file and edit the line that follows idle. (It's the idle threshold in seconds.)

How do I get GTimer to work in French/Spanish/Your-Language-Here?

GTimer has internationaliztion (I18N) support. You must have the GNU gettext distribution installed. You will need to translate the provided messages.po to whatever language you want. Here's an example for French:
  1. Either start with messages.po (or create your own with "xgettext *.c")
  2. Copy messages.po to the new locale (Example: "cp messages.po fr.po")
  3. Now edit the new .po file and replace the msgstr lines with the proper translated text.
  4. Now use msgfmt to build the .mo file from your .po file. (Example: "msgfmt fr.po -ogtimer.mo")
  5. Make sure your LANG environment variable is set to the proper locale.
  6. Copy the gtimer.mo file to the proper location. I'm not if this is the same place all on system. On my system, the French gtimer.po needs to be:
    If you're not sure where it's looking, on Linux try using strace to see where it's looking:
      strace gtimer |& grep LC_MESSAGES
  7. Email me the translation file! I'll add it to the distribution for others to use.

GTimer periodically hangs. What can I do?

Use the -noversioncheck option to keep GTimer for checking to see if a new version is available. It sometimes locks up in the HTTP request.

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